Hey there, I’m Max and love chatting about all things Computer Vision, Graphics and generally all things Computer Science 💻!

I’m currently interning at DisneyResearch|Studios in Zürich working on movie magic using computer vision. During my Master’s Degree in Robotics at ETH Zurich I did my thesis on extracting pixel-level details with artist friendly meshes from images. Before that, I did my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at TUM, where I worked on motion planning for autonomous vehicles.

Additionally, I’ve tutored students in various lectures, worked on 3D rendering in the advertising industry, and am an avid road cyclist.

Latest Work

Traffic Scenario Synthesis from Temporal Logic Constraints

Bachelor's Thesis at the Chair for Cyber Physical Systems @ TUM.

Fun Stuff

Love Light

Smart light allowing to people to connect by sending each other pulses of light. Comes with a very pink web UI 🩷.

Massively Parallel Mandelbrot

Mandelbrot was developed during a two semester Project at the CAPS chair of TUM. It shows the possible speedup which can be achieved by parallelization on a cluster of independent compute nodes.